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Artists Include:
Keith Batten
Tim Ebneth
Tom Hill
Colly Honaw
Elisabeth Jacobsen
Tate Klacsmann
Tom McGill   
Eli Merritt
Sam Miesch
Tracy Morgan
Sean Russo
Sasha Sicurella
Joseph Stabilito
Marco Santini
Adam Scott Umbach

In February 2016...

Dave Schwing and Tom McGill from Gallery at 46 Green Street were out in East Hampton installing artwork we had sold, when people at a dinner party hatched a plan to sponsor and event for us. So we jumped at the opportunity to share some of our finds in the Hamptons.

When Gallery at 46 Green Street began to explore exhibiting art in the Hamptons with a show in a house at 1 Cobblers Court, East Hampton there were two driving and organizing principles. One, we wanted to bring art from an emerging art hub in the Hudson Valley to a well established and historic art center in the Hamptons. Two, we deliberately chose to show work in a house, rather than a gallery, so viewers might see art in a new way. We were pleased to find such a receptive response to the first exhibit, in the Spring of 2016, that we followed up with two more weekend shows, one in the Fall of 2016 and another in the Spring of 2017; each successive show building on our experience of the exhibits that preceded them.

"Art is Home : Art House"...

was our fourth event to exhibit art and make connections in the Hamptons. Art House was bigger, included more work (over 180 pieces), opportunities to network and connect with artists, art collectors, and the larger community. To that end, we curated some of the space more like a gallery (while maintaining some of the art-in-home feel), configured the space to facilitate opportunities to connect with other event goers, and included an informal opportunity for artists and curators to discuss their work. Elegant Eats provided an opportunity to enjoy delicious and nutritious food. Great weather on Saturday saw our largest crowd of art enthusiasts to date.

Gallery at 46 Green Street...

in the heart of beautiful and historic Hudson, New York, has developed over the last four years as a space for artists to work and where Gallery at 46 Green Street exhibit work. The Gallery at 46 Green Street is a contemporary art gallery featuring local emerging and established artists. 46 Green Street Studios is a purposeful creative community in the city of Hudson that provides a wide-range of resources for artists and collectors in the Hudson area. 46 Green Street Studios, managed and curated by an artist-in-residence Tom McGill and partners Robert Bacigalupi & Dave Schwing, offers work and show spaces for both established and emerging artists with a particular focus on local artists. We nurture and facilitate creative connections in our community through exhibits, programs, and outreach. We advocate for and contribution to the ever expanding art movement here, which is making Hudson an important destination in the art world.