Colly In The Milky Way

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Opening Reception
Saturday, December 2, 2017
4 PM - 8 PM

46 Green Street, Hudson NY 12534

"Colly Strong in the Sun"

"Me with Fantasy Boyfriend in Provincetown"

"Dad with Fleabite, Portsmouth, OH 1975"

"Visiting My Younger Self"
"Mom and Dad Fighting for the Gun with Me, Alisa and Baldy, Muncie, IN 1978"

"In the Back of the Staionwagon with Jeff, Muncie Indiana, 1978"

"Self Portrait with Luna"
"Change Storm 1"
Getting the Switch Outside Grandma and Papaw’s House, Garrison, KY 1973

"Mom and Dad Trying to Wake Me from a Night Terror with Fat Worm in the Hall Portsmouth, OH 1975"

"Self Portrait with Floating Stones"
"Untitled Abstract"

"Self Portrait as Horny Pig with Luna"

"Ori in Space"

"Dave Disguised as Bear, Peter Disguised as Cat Fish"


"What I Painted the Night Trump was Elected"

"Thomas Breaking Down a Set in a Dumpster at the Juilliard Loading Dock, NYC 2016"

"Bob with Pilar in the Car up to Hillsdale, NY 2012"

"Me and Alisa as Jesus and Mary"

"Dad and Uncle George Fishing for Sharks While I Smoke in the Lighthouse, Cape Hatteres 1974"

"Me and Fleabite watching Dad’s Cigarette Explode,
Cambridge, Oh 1976"

"My Favorite Bear"


"Dad Disguised a a Pig"

"Sea Slug"